Certification & performance

Home has to be the most safe and comfortable place.

VIGHI door now opens new doors to a special way of life by perfectly combining safety with aesthetics which can be adapted to any design need 

The automated production ensures the guaranteed quality of its products and in conjunction with human resources.

VIGHI security doors are committed to the continuous improvement of manufacturing process the company is certified according to uni en iso 2008-9001 norms for company’s quality management system

22Laboratory tests have been acted to measure performance of eachdoor model according to European standards and norms.

UNI 9723

11 Approval granted on the basis of compliance to strict standards of resistance to fire the doors undergo the attack of fire reproduced in a special  kiln during which their behavior is carefully tested.

REI 30, 60, 90,120 standards indicates the product capability to preserve its features in the presence of fire and its stability for set times in additional to block flames smoke and transmission of heat.

R stability capability to preserve the mechanical resistance.

E seal capability of preventing the passage of or producing smoke or flames.

I thermal insulation capability of reducing the transmission of heat.

CE marking

The main purpose is to inform the end user of the performance that make a product suitable for the specific use for outdoor use according to

UNI ENI – 14351 norm this norm sets out a number of features for which it is mandatory to declare the performance.


Security classes

The doors are classified as ant burglary class 2-3-4, the most suitable ones   for residential building and houses.

The indication of the class of burglar resistance is voluntary.

CLASS 2 guarantee a reasonable protection to houses entering by means of physical strength or means of tools such as screwdrivers wedges tongs and monkey spanners.

CLASS 3 guarantee more safety by preventing burglars from entering by means of big screwdrivers and jimmies.

CLASS 4 guarantee a reasonable protection from entering by means of saw hammers hatchhets chisels and battery portable drills.