Safety Rolling shutter


TBT. Estella is the only shutter that thanks to its male and female slats system guarantees better structural for security against lifting up and impact force in additional hiding male slats can provide up to a 40% of aeration and light in a smooth and uniform way adding visibility to the outside reduces the electromagnetic radiation and avoids insects to come into your house rolling shutter model ESTELLA composed by extruded aluminum slats alloy  has three different models of slats which goes together – tubular profiles of nominal thickness1.1 mm cod 600 called female and a micro-perforated slat cod 605 called male which contains 1.500 holes per lineal meter to allow the pass of light and air connected to each other by sold aluminum alloy code 604 work as interlock hang and helps to increase the reinforcing between slats in shuttering position and significantly decrease .

What else you can get from our rolling shutter?

OnUntitled-1 (2)ly p  rotection this was not enough then we thought about making some small holes in the slats way they allow to enter light and air .Now a days we do demand more and more to a rolling shutter and that’s why we have developed it To do so we have designed a micro perforated system wherewe obtain more light but in a smooth and uniform way obtaining at the same time a better aeration not directly but in a smooth way in the worst weather conditions also .  As an additional feature this new system avoids the insects enter the house and the ability of seeing without being seen and all this all installed as a traditional rolling shutter.

Natural light

WitUntitled-6h the new male- female slats system added to micro perforation has managed to increase the surface of light also we have the possibility of adding more control just by opening or closing the shutter as we need to get more roles light

Ventilation under control
Untitled-4Thanks to the micro perforation the air inlet is divided between the different pores thus smoothing the rate of ventilation you no longer need to have the shutter half open

See without being see

The micro-perforation applied to each male slat allows a wide view of the outside or in detail if we focus on slat by slat. The design of the Untitled-3size of perforations distribution and shape gives us the opportunity to see outside without being seen


Attenuated light

Untitled-2 (2)The micro perforation system with its rounded shape and distribution breaks the direct light path fading inward


No  insects

DesUntitled-5pite having greater ventilation surface it has been proved that it prevents the passage of insects of all types