Smart door

The intelligent door: new functionalities of living

Finally the greatest expression of electronics applied to armored doors the most technologically advanced to opens in a totally new special way.

With fully automatic opening and closing devices activates the release and return of the deadbolts assuring extremely easy practical and above all reliable operation of your security door.

The door you always imagined has become reality.

  • You are more secure they are anti – burglary resistance class 3 but in addition offering the functional advantages of electronic technology
  • You are more secure when the door is closed because of self – locking with an electronic closing within few seconds.
  • You can open you door within few seconds through the automatic operation of the lock guaranteed by a coded system.
  • You don’t need to worry in case of power frailer lock are provided of mechanical operation which allow the doors to be opened from inside and outside using a traditional key.

Transponder key by approaching key to the device

Finger print bio metric reader

Proximity card reader

Numerical keypad unit

Connection to remote control

Push button for intercom unit or Mobil control for smart home control unit