The nature of Security  
Gardesa understood years ago the different security demands in different countries. Its armoured doors are exported and sold in many countries of the world. A result achieved thanks to the conformity of all the products with the different certification in Italy, Europe and in every country. Gardesa’s policy is to constantly improve the results achieved with the quality of its products and the service offered to its customers. GARDESA IS CERTIFIED UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. A goal achieved with great strength and tenacity. The certified quality system becomes a strategic factor for Gardesa and an absolute guarantee for its clients. This important certification, according to the international standards gives Gardesa the chance to offer to the dealers and to the customers an efficient and well-organised production system. The international regulation states that the entire production process, logistics. And assistance should be oriented in order to obtain the best quality product and the most satisfactory result for the client.


The armored door is the first barrier between the house and the world outside.Gardesa Armored doors offer the best protection against intruders. They’re built witha solid steel core, with innovative techniques that only a company leader in its field .Gardesa is certified company by quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
Technical Details

  • 2MM steel sub frame epoxy polyester powder painted
  • 1.5MM dark brown pacified steel frame
  • 19 no. safety points locking system
    6 No. Fixing security bolts 3/each side protected by cutand drill proof steel
  • 8 No. inlet and outlet bolts
  • Edging strip on 4 sides of the leaf in dark brown pacified steel
  • Inside insulation with soundproof and fire resistant rosined panels – according to class certified
  • Spy hole-(optic viewer)
  • Double rubber rebate seal
  • Mobile drop Sill
  • Limiting device (security latch)
  • Completely customizable coverings
  • adjustable latch on the secendry leaf
  • Available sizes:

For double leafs (90+40)/ (90+60)/ (90+90)/(100+100) x 210 cm (W x H)

Locking System

The locking system is unique in every aspect. As unique in the infinite variety of forms and colours, are the superb wooden facing panels. Suitable to every environment, they become the final touch in a perfect home.

All Gardesa doors can be “dressed” to suit personality and style of the people that choose them

– Euro profile security cylinder locking type– The locking is activated by an Euro security cylinder that commandsthe atches. A defender is applied on the external side to protect the lock. alt
–  Double bit locking type– High security lock with programmable coding. Latches commandedby the double bit key. Furnished with no. 3 keys.
– The version with additional cylinder is equipped of a secondary cylinder(Yale type) that can be used by third persons to access home, for example the colf. This version is furnished with three